Approximately 64 more rows to go

Thus far I have finished Sense8, The OA, part of The Night Of (before HBO was all “girl that shits depressing you shouldn’t watch this right now no matter how beautiful you think it is), and Wonder Woman. Now to finish the weave by rewatching Top of the Lake. I may end up slightly ahead of my schedule at this rate woooooo

Stress relief

Whenever I get overwhelmed, my reaction is to want to hike the Camino all over again. There’s something that happens to a human when you trek 500 miles across a space. Maybe that’s where I was my best. Maybe it’s where I was my craziest: it was the start of being homeless for two years and I thought it would help me figure things out. I think I’m going to apply for a visa to do it again- this time to Santiago (and Finisterre and Muxia) then do it in reverse back to France.

The whole project is on my website

The Parkinson’s Project

Between Fall 2006 and April 2011, I documented my father’s decline from Parkinson’s with Lewy Bodies Dementia. While cleaning shop, I found the old files I managed to save from flickr after the flood. Its strange to continually cycle back to my father in my work but I suppose in many ways he’s the reason I’m an artist. These images bring into focus why I’ve been working so much with beds right now- towards the end, it was the place he existed the most.

42 rows deep

About to start adding in new changes to the piece. I’ve been wrapping my head around the theoretical and sociological aspects of mourning, absence, lingering fragments, and the veil that separates life and death. I’m also using this weaving as an excuse to rewatch Sense8 (just finished… again) and The OA (Netflix didn’t shame me for watching this again, pretty sure I can write a dissertation on this show). The anniversary of my father’s death was Monday but it didn’t fully hit me until Tuesday. Today my little sister helped saved the life of her friend from hundreds of miles away. Things circle around each other, trauma balances healing, and the only thing that connects it all is the act of breathing.

iPhone preview of a bedscape from this morning. All about this abstract life these days. Some of them remind me of places I’ve flown over and some remind me of the cracks and crevices from back home

Today’s progress

Cuts and flattening and printing details (but not the detail images of my bedscapes where I found a bunch of dicks. That was weird) definitely not my smartest move cutting at DSB then transporting it back to where I can work on it so I’ll have to get a 48″ ruler at Lowe’s to remedy the situation