Progression is often marked by failure

For the first time in a while, I’ve felt clear in my artistic vision. I’m still seeking my origin point, that what and why that encompasses how I approach art, but something recently has clicked in my return to the written word and I’ve been kind of running with it. Writing every little thing I remember and mapping the individual connections is overwhelming because I’m overwhelming, at least mentally and emotionally. I’m still sick of my camera which is ironic because I have a bunch of shoots lined up, but I realized a few things regarding my image making recently that has been allowing me to push through the stagnation. I work with light and color in certain ways because I grew up surrounded by painting and art history in my father’s studio. I tend to shoot “pretty” because I surrendered myself for four years to the male gaze and know what its like to constantly receive images or comments that objectify you. Photography is about the process, the act of meeting and interacting with people. I’m excited when they’re excited and it shows.

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