Updates from the road

I don’t know how to stay still. My mom was telling me a story about when she was pregnant with me. Apparently I used to freak my dad out because my tiny developing fists and feet would strike out against my mom’s stomach, ready to get out of the comfy womb cage. I moved 14 times prior to 22 and a grand total of 5 more times between October 2015 and April 2016. I’m at 20 moves in what is now 29 years and in some ways it shows.

Returning to travel, even just for a week, and throwing myself back into the freelance modeling and photography mode has been good. My head is clear(ish) and I pet alllllllllll the puppies.

I also took some photos. Actually I took a lot of photos including some of Audrey Kitching. My 13 year old scene self was stoked. Some bits and pieces from Philly shoots is below. Now to hunt down the person who has decided to keep flagging my completely safe and hella censored Instagram images. I managed to hold on to this account for the last six years and while I’ve kind of lost track on how many of my friends have had to start overafter being deleted, I honestly don’t have the energy to build that up again.

Anyway, here are some random bits from Philadelphia, enjoy

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