Actual 1st crit thoughts

With my original first crit canceled due to the polar vortex, I was unable to show people the first test in its home in the atrium. Thankfully I take obscene amounts of photos of this piece so I was able to include them yesterday in my actual first crit of the semester along with samples of how things are going to start taking shape within the atrium. I left questions with the viewers to guide the feedback due to the acknowledgement that it was going to be really hard to crit something this far along. I had to make a lot of specific decisions between the two dates, cut 80+ yards of fabric (still 10 to cut in my studio and another 60 on its way), order three different thicknesses of grade 5 titanium (same metal in my body), and feel my way through the process of allowing the fabrics to decide their own fates.

Strangely I am incredibly calm about Neural. I can defend my position and materials and all the strange questions inbetween. I feel good about where I am, almost ahead and ready to just install the damn thing and do the defenses. Truthfully, the writing is the part I’m least worried about. I’ve done a defense like this before. Its all just allowing things to fall into place and find out if I’m still able to use the beam in the atrium like I originally planned.

Maybe its because I had to turn so far into myself over the last few months, to start turning into a black hole, that I was able to birth this piece, to take in all the lessons and pain and love and create my own version of the Big Bang.

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