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GDSP #9 Prompt

For my GDSP prompt, I want you to think of a character. It can be your favorite, or one you remember vaguely from childhood, be it from a book, song, movie, comic, real life, Narnia, or your imagination. The choice of character is up to you. And I want you to really get in to this character, dress up as them, spend some time getting into their mind and feelings, listen to some Queen (since, as you know, Freddy Mercury’s doing this amazing project up in heaven), whatever you need to, until you’re really really comfortable in this character.

Then I want you to do the most mundane thing ever and take a picture of it. Think Superman eating cereal, Gerald Ford vacuuming, Lucy Pevensie washing her clothing, or Chewbacca changing the kitty litter. But you have to do this super mundane thing in your super awesome character costume (doesn’t have to be exact, colors can represent superhero clothes, etc). Lastly, make sure you put down your character and occupation so everyone can know who you are.

And for any of my followers who are not already doing the Guest Directed Self Portraits, it’s not too late! You can join at any point and do them in whatever order makes you happy.

Happy shooting!

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