February Prints and Book of the Month

In addition to getting more sticker sets back in stock, I have sets of 4×6″ You Matter prints as well as 8×12″ prints. The book features color studies and little handwritten notes of positivity to keep you going.

These are the last things going up in the shop for a while; I’m trying to clear things out of the shop to avoid things piling up.

Aura and Rope books are also still in the shop! Grab yours today! (Cause once the stock clears out I can make more fun stuff)



Yo! You may or may not be following along with my health but I live with Hidradenitis Suppurativa, an autoimmune chronic inflammatory illness that affects the hair follicles all over my body.
This condition often quoted as the third most painful lifelong disease.
And I can attest to the pain. From even the smallest flares, HS warriors experience extreme pain and immobility.
Quality of life drastically changes and all basic human functions become a struggle.

My case is stage 2:
Hurley stage 2: recurrent abscesses in several different areas of the body, with the initial formation of sinus tracts.

Any time I have an outbreak they flare from the size of a dime to the size of two softballs side by side within a few days.
My most aggressive outbreak is in my buttocks/groin area.

This recurring spot has been affecting me for over four years. Including having it as an open wound for about 17-18 months with little relief. Each flare and each surgery make the next more painful. My scar tissue keeps the wound from opening on it’s own and the pocket is building walls to section off infection inside my body. These walls have to be punctured for the wound to drain. A hot compress can help but isn’t reliable.

I have had about 25 incision and drains on my armpits and groin in the 7 years I have been diagnosed.
Every spot leaves a scar. Big or small. This disease deforms bodies.

My triggers:

Genetic history.
Second hand smoke or any smoke in lungs by flame. Vaporizing doesn’t have an adverse effect.
Previous damage.

Currently I am unable to work due to my condition. (Seeking partial disability/help with health costs).
I have been disabled and unable to work for 2-2.5 years collectively over the last 5 years.
When I reach this point, my bills do not stop–they double or triple.
Medical costs on top of the usual rent, utilities, new car payment, and dealing with every other left turn life has been handing me for the last month. Much of the time, I sacrifice to have the medication I need.

How to help:

Donations: PayPal only –

Book me for a shoot ahead of time–we will lock in a date when I am in remission
or we can shoot limited stuff on days of good health.

Become a Patron:
Pledge any tier and help me a little each month.

I have seen a great amount of love and support this wave.
Because of the positivity I intend to create regular videos about my chronic illness, everyday life, body positivity with deforming diseases, and allow opportunities for a weekly live video chat Q&A.

Thank you for taking the time to tune in.
I would appreciate a like, comment, or share.

Tiffany is an awesome human and honestly, as a fellow chronic illness/pain sufferer, it is one of the most frustrating things to deal with especially when you end up with mounting bills. Help her out if you can! And send good vibes!





New Year, new books in the shop.

My intention for 2017 is to support myself exclusively from my art, utilizing a mixture of patreon and the sale of hand-bound photo books (at least until I get my health figured out). Each month, I’ll be putting up two different volumes produced in an edition of ten each featuring ten 4×6″ photographs that can be removed for display. Each book (and photo) is numbered and signed; once each volume sells out, it goes back in the vaults never to be printed at that size again.

For January, I’m focusing on my beloved Aura series. Both Aura: People and Aura: Color Study are waves of light and color bound in a traditional Japanese stab-binding. The images are really beautiful and I’m proud of myself for continuing to push myself to the best of my abilities.

Over on Patreon, I’ll be focusing on the creation of books, using a different binding style each month for written and visual work. Patreon is where you’ll find the majority of my photographic work this year and I’m incredibly grateful to those who accompany my journey in its many forms.

For the record: each of the above books is $35 with $3 shipping. I’m going to be doing Flash Friday sales where each Friday you can get a 10% discount on the books. I also have a couple of the Rope books still left, go check it out!

One of the Aura: People books is about to head out to Australia!! I am pretty pumped by this!